Ariana Grande’s latest album stuns audiences

By Amy Geldean

Pop singer Ariana Grande continues to shine with her angelic voice and lyrics of empowerment in her fifth studio album “thank u, next.” This twelve track album released on Feb. 8 explores Grande’s romantic life as she moves on from one relationship to the next.

The lead single “thank u, next” addresses Grande’s past loves, including her ex-fiancé Pete Davidson of “Saturday Night Live” and the late Grammy-nominated rapper Mac Miller, and how they each taught her to be strong and to ultimately love herself. She comes out of this song even more emotionally strong.

Songs like “NASA” and “bloodline” stand out as both begin with a person speaking  before the music starts.

“NASA” provides a happy and cosmic tune as Grande sings about how she enjoys her space. She continues to push worldwide female empowerment as the song starts with an imitation of Neil Armstrong’s famous moon landing phrase by stating “just one small step for woman, one giant leap for womankind.”

“bloodline” uses wind instruments like trumpets and trombones effectively surrounding the chorus of the song. Grande shares the idea that this relationship is nothing more than friends with benefits by singing “Don’t want you in my bloodline, yuh. Just wanna have a good time, yuh.”

“imagine” paints a picture of a world where she can be with a love that is unattainable. The projection of her voice shows as she echoes throughout the background.

“7 Rings” brings a new sound to the iconic song “My Favorite Things” from “The Sound of Music.” Grande incorporates a provocative energy with the lyrics and background music.

Grande describes a relatable desire for love and attentions in “needy.” Her use of string instruments toward the end of the song helps slow things down.

With the lyrics in “bad idea” and “in my head” Grande expresses in different ways how she does not always do what is best for her. She shows her faults and how she is growing.

The mood changes with the final song of the album “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored” which captures a certain sassiness that Grande reveals.

“thank u, next” fortunately allows Grande to open a new chapter in her life, especially her music, as she moves on from all the heartbreak and pain caused.