Celebrate National Mutt Day: the best national day, paws down!

By Sarah Fischer


Attention all dog lovers: join the celebration as we observe National Mutt Day on Dec. 2! Though we don’t need a specific reason to give our mutt friends some extra love on any given day, there are some ways you can celebrate:

Adopt a mutt

There are multitudes of dogs in need of homes, and shelters can only care for so many. By adopting a shelter dog you will make a world of difference in that dog’s life.

Get Involved

If you can’t adopt, then volunteer! Shelters are always looking for dedicated animal lovers to assist in caring for their animals. Especially during the holiday season, you can give back by volunteering your time to ensure those lovable mutts are cared for and adopted.

Tails Humane Society also offers several other opportunities to be involved in their organization including sponsorships, donations, wish lists and ally programs.

Post your pup

Using the hashtag #NationalMuttDay you can post pictures of your mixed breed on social media and encourage others to join in! Spreading the word might even motivate others to celebrate in their own ways, like adopting.

The Northern Star also features “Pet of the Week”, where you can submit a photo of your pet!

Learn about mutts

Mixed breed dogs are a highly misunderstood animal group. By doing some research, you might find that a mixed breed dog may fit in well with your family. You can learn more about mixed breed misconceptions in this article. If you find you’re not ready for a new furry member of the family, it can still benefit you to learn more about these misconstrued mutts.