Happy National Sweetest Day!


Image Courtesy Pixabay

By Sarah Lalond



This Valentine’s Day reject is even sweeter because everything isn’t garishy pink and red, and there’s not an “I’m going to be forever alone” existential crisis often accompanying Valentine’s Day.

Sweetest Day falls under the umbrella of ranch, Portillo’s and saying “ope” after accidentally bumping into someone, because it’s a uniquely Midwestern holiday dating back almost a hundred years to when it started in 1921 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Unlike Valentine’s Day, the celebration of Sweetest Day isn’t limited to your significant other. It’s really about taking time to appreciate the amazing people in your life by giving them candy and cards.

Celebrate the end of midterms by going out with your partner and catching up with friends over lunch.

Plus, Sweetest Day is an excuse to post that cute Instagram photo of your friends or to spam everyone with a few dozen photos of your dog.

This holiday is just in time for Halloween and the great deals on candy. While you’re out buying candy for yourself, don’t forget to grab an extra bag for others.

Sweetest Day is celebrated the third Saturday of October, so make today your #sweetestsaturday ever.