‘Step Brothers’ presents comedic duo at their finest

Parker Otto

“Step Brothers,” screened at The Egyptian Theatre, 135 N. Second St., proved to be one of the most entertaining films in the Richard Jenkins Film Series thus far, featuring funny scenarios and two leads with great chemistry.

The film follows Brennan and Dale, played by Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, two middle-aged men still living with their single parents. When Brennan’s mom and Dale’s dad, played by Mary Steenburgen and Richard Jenkins, fall in love and get married, the now step-brothers get into all sorts of hijinks and shenanigans.

Ferrell and Reilly have great chemistry, and their comedic timing with each other is perfect. They start off as foils, which results in insult after insult, each one more complicatedly disgusting and hilarious than the last. As time progresses, the pair find they have much in common, including a hatred for Brennan’s younger, more successful brother Derek, played by Adam Scott.

When Brennan and Dale do become friends, their comedic talent only increases. One of the best jokes of the film is when the two convert their beds into bunk beds. However, their carpentry skills are nonexistent, and when Dale jumps on the top bunk, the beds come tumbling down.

Jenkins is a standout in the film because of his comedic timing and belligerence to his sons. One example is when he’s fed up with Brennan and Dale’s antics, and the pair start bawling. While they are emotionally assassinated, Jenkins just grins like a man who’s just found God. Jenkins is just having a blast in this film, and his performance clearly shows this. His delivery is profanity-laced, and his facial expressions are over the top.

The comedic situations in the film are what really make it stand out. When Derek tries to sell off Brennan and Dale’s house and is showing people around, the boys respond by dressing up as Nazis, Klansmen and even faking deaths to scare away any potential buyers.

“Step Brothers” is a wonderful addition to the Richard Jenkins Film Series with fantastic comedic scenarios and two great leads. After the more serious entries like “Bone Tomahawk” and “North Country,” this film provided a good laugh for the audience.