‘Eat Pray Love’ fuels joy for life

Parker Otto

The Richard Jenkins Film Series unveiled another film 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Egyptian Theatre, 135 N. Second St. “Eat Pray Love,” Tuesday’s entry, is a fantastic addition with a great lead, stunning locations and a narrative that leaves the audience with a newfound zest for life.

The plot is based on the memoir by Liz Gilbert, played by Julia Roberts. Gilbert has a husband and a good job writing for a magazine, but she’s unhappy with her life and her marriage.

She decides to embark on a yearlong journey of self-discovery, first going to Italy, then India and finally Indonesia. Along the way, she meets amazing people, including Richard Jenkins, and discovers her life’s purpose.

One aspect of the film that is admirable is the depiction of Italy, India and Indonesia. The food, the music and the culture are all on screen. Half of the shots in this movie are beautiful, and the actors feel like people in a magnificent landscape painting.

Jenkins, once again, gives a fantastic performance. He plays Richard, a man living at an Indian monastery where Gilbert is studying the art of prayer and inner peace. His character is brash at first but slowly warms up, charming the audience with funny one-liners.

The relationship between Gilbert and Richard is a unique one. He has great advice about maintaining balance, but he hides it in what Gilbert calls “bumper sticker sayings.” The scene in which Richard talks to Gilbert about his life is very emotional, and made a few members of the audience cry at the Tuesday screening.