‘Disenchantment’ Beguiles Modern College Students with Relevant Humor

By Mackenzi Butson

Netflix show, “Disenchantment”, leaves audiences both enchanted and disturbed as the characters embark on a series of medieval misadventures.

Matt Groening, creator of “The Simpsons” and “Futurama”, released another animated treasure. “Disenchanted” centers on the unlikely trio an alcoholic princess named Bean, voiced by Abbi Jacobson; Bean’s person demon Luci, voiced by Eric Andre, and Elfo, voiced by Nat Faxon.

With dark humor, quirky one-liners and unfortunate medieval circumstances, “Disenchantment” is a comedic adult cartoon. As characters adventure through their storylines, the series grows macabre with Bean choosing darker choices while under the influence of her personal demon Luci, but Elfo refuses to see the dark side of life and wanders around the screen in amusingly blissful ignorance.

Despite the release of this show being highly anticipated, audiences have mixed feelings after viewing part 1 of the series.

While watching this series, it’s important to remember the adult content. There’s swearing, sexual innuendos and dark ideologies sprinkled throughout, much like Matt Groening’s previous creations. However, the humor isn’t identical, which may upset die-hard “Futurama” and “The Simpsons” fans.

“Disenchantment” is its own animated entity with an audience of predominantly young adults with pop culture references and characters struggling with navigating the responsibilities of growing up.