Huskies Snow Day

Huskies Snow Day

Huskies Snow Day

By Samantha Manahan

The text finally arrived, the news of closing and cancellations on campus that will allow me to fall asleep without an alarm and become a couch potato as I watch my newest Netflix obsessions without hesitation. Let’s gear up and take this storm head-on and spend the snow day doing some of our favorite winter activities.

“I’ll probably sleep until about 3 p.m. and then binge-watch ‘Black Mirror,’” said Benita O’Donnell, a freshman environmental studies major.

Well, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a snowy Friday afternoon other than being on a beach of course. But “Black Mirror” will do as long as I have blankets, salsa and chips and a whole lot of wine.

I feel as giddy as a kid in a candy shop; having a day to relax and get caught up seems like a perfect snow day to me. Luckily, junior nutrition major Alzahra Alhomoud agrees.

Alhomoud believes a day inside catching up on her research and cooking while being productive is the best use of her snow day!

Whatever way you choose to spend your snow day, enjoy it Huskies. Snow days in college are as rare as a guy who wants to commit.