Professor nominated for Emmy


Beni Enas has received two prior Emmy nominations for her work in television, making this her third.

By Haley Galvin

Beni Enas, general manager at the Northern Television Center, has been nominated for her third Emmy this year with hopes this is the one that will win it for her.

Enas was nominated for the “Outstanding Achievement for Public/Current/Community Affairs – Program/Special” for her program, “The Golden Apple Awards.” Enas was the senior producer of the program, which was broadcast through WTTW.

The program honors 10 teachers and one principal in the Chicagoland area and is like an Academy Awards show for teachers. The teachers each receive an award, and the production team profiles each one of them, dictating why they were special enough to receive this award.

“I love that it highlights teachers [because] they often get the short end of the stick,” Chris Poole, NTC Director of News Production said. “It shows them the recognition they deserve.”

As an instructor herself, Enas said she feels putting the show together was very rewarding because the program highlights other educators. She has worked in broadcasting for 25 years and said she hopes out of all her nominations this will be the one to win her an Emmy.

Enas has received two prior nominations for her work as a producer for “Chicago Tonight.”

“I’m not just reporting on teachers, but being one myself,” Enas said. “So I think it is coming full circle for me.”

Ash-har Quraishi, NBC correspondent and executive producer of “The Golden Apple Awards,” said the show really deserves to win, and it is a result of Enas really pushing the envelope and polishing it all.

“She’s got such a passion for what she does, and she always wants to makes things better” Quraishi said. “She has such a deep experience, and she understands the pacing that is necessary to make a show interesting and to keep it moving.”

Enas said she is also a very active part of NTC and is always working to make the program the best it can be. As a general manager, she works to produce the shows NTC puts out and instructs many of the students who work there.

Before coming to NIU, Enas worked with WTTW, ABC 7 in Chicago, Channel One News in Los Angeles, CNN in Atlanta and News 12 Long Island. She has also freelanced for NBC in Chicago, as well as CBS and Fox News.

“I love sharing what I have done in the industry for so many years with people I think are going to carry the torch and become our future,” Enas said.

Since she started working at NTC in August of 2016, Enas has touched the lives of many through what she has taught them, and Poole said her students have learned a lot from her.

Enas pushed the production of “Top Shelf Sports,” the network’s sport show, which provided a new outlet for some of the students involved at NTC.

Enas said her favorite part about working at NIU is being able to work with future journalists.

“I’m proud to have some sort of influence on their potential career path,” Enas said. “I have so many people to be thankful for in my career; I hope I can be that for them.”