3 Places to Hit Before the Snow Falls

By Samantha Manahan

It’s that time of year again, when the leaves turn colors and snow is in the forecast. Most outside activities will close their doors and allow the snow-covered tree tops to linger above. Because I absolutely dread the idea of snow, I have been creating a bucket list of things to do before the snow hits. This is what I have so far:

Starved Rock State Park

Hiking is not only good for your health, but for your soul. Being able to fill your lungs with crisp November air and see the changing leaves will definitely send your heart to it’s happy place. If you’re not into walking or exercise in the slightest bit, Starved Rock is also a great place to take fabulous pictures of nature and your photogenic friends who’ve been nagging you for self portraits.

Apple Orchard

Orchard fans should seize the ripe opportunity to pick and purchase apples, buy warm apple cider to fill their cup and sweet jams to take home and spread over morning toast. What could be better than a whole day surrounded by sweet aromas and apple cider donuts? Also, another great spot to take your ultimate fall Instagram pics.

Downtown Naperville

Downtown Naperville does not close it’s doors come winter time, but for me walking around to the different shops and restaurants is more fun in jeans than in snow pants. But, the great atmosphere of the red brick sidewalks and christmas lights hung among the tree-tops give a nastolgic feeling of being at home. The classic, timeless appeal of downtown Naperville will allow you to spruce up your social media with cute candids.