Flannels bring diverse options this fall

By Haley Galvin

As leaves fall and the temperature continues to drop, one of the biggest fashion trends explodes leading students to turn left and right and see themselves surrounded by flannel. From the grunge band look to the cute fall farmer, the flannel trend crosses different social groups making it diverse and timeless.

Mary Ann Lorenz, clinical assistant professor for the fashion merchandising department said one thing keeping this look high on the trend list is the versatility of it and how many different ways it can be worn.

Designer brands such as Levi’s and J. Crew add belts, vary the length and even make dresses out of the plaid and flannel print, adding to the timelessness of the trend. Tracing back to the seventeenth century, flannel has remained relevant throughout history and has evolved with other emerging styles, according to an award winning men’s magazine Gear Patrol article.

“From miniskirts to pants, oversized scarves to statement coats, the timeless print is on fire this season, and there are no signs of it slowing down,” according to a Shape Magazine article.

A rising sub-trend in recent seasons is the pairing of flannel and ratty band shirts. This can be done either over the band shirt or around the waist. The flannel provides a colorful accent while also giving wearers the ability to stay warm when the fall breezes pick up.

Flannel shirts can also be worn with shorts for those still trying to hold onto summer, or it can be added to a plain t-shirt and jeans combination. For those going for the grunge look, skinny jeans or ripped jeans often add to the flannel aesthetic.

Versatile to everyone’s fashion statement, flannel can also be added to a dress, or can be worn alone. This style may appeal more to country fans aiming to add a fun twist to an old look. “I like to wear [flannel] to country concerts over a tank top,” Lea Powers, freshman nursing major said.Flannels are not only for the younger generation millennials either and are part of many social and age groups.  From old to young, grunge groupies to chatty cheerleaders, flannel is a fashion staple worn in a variety of ways.“The trend itself goes across all product categories,” Lorenz said. “That is what beautiful about this trend, because it is worn in different ways throughout different social groups.”