What to do when you’re running on empty

By Cayli Mitchell

Thanksgiving break is days away and when we come back, we only have two weeks of regular class before finals week starts on Dec 11. If this statement just sent you into instant panic, have no fear! There is a way to have a great break but not lose steam in your studies.

By this time of the semester, I’m always having a really hard time staying on task. The end is near; I’ve already planned my next semester of classes and am ready to just get going on the next step.

My tank is empty, the meter is on the E and has been for a couple weeks. Coincidentally, this is the time when there are long papers due and exams to prepare for. However, there’s a way to have all your pumpkin pie and eat it too.

Make time for your family by setting all of Thursday aside for them. Put down your device, in fact see if your family will put all their cell phones in the middle of the table. The first one to check their phone does the dishes.

Wake up Friday and pick up your hardest subject, the one you know you need to do the notes cards for and study the longest. Go hard for an hour, maybe two,  when you feel the fatigue of studying set it go grab some leftovers and make a quick turkey sandwich and remember the day you had before.

Remember the family time and the laughter, remember the immense amount of free food. Take a break for a few hours. Maybe set up a little game time with the younger sibling, or check in with your grandparents to see how they are doing post Thanksgiving dinner.

While it’s extremely important to work and  studying while on break. School work isn’t the only thing which needs your attention, family should be high on your list too. There are 24 hours in a day and while we sleep for eight of them, we still have plenty of time for family, laughter, and for note card making.

We only have three weeks left; we can crush it!