One Sweater, Five Outfits

One Sweater, Five Outfits

By Samantha Manahan

As of September 22, our favorite season has arrived! I’m talking about sweater weather! I mean let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to wear comfy sweaters that are two sizes too big and pair them with the softest leggings? It’s the perfect, “I dressed cute but could still take a nap in this sweater” look. However if you’re looking for a way to dress up your “right above the knee” baggy sweater, I have some tips and tricks for you! Here are five ways I spruce up my oversized sweaters:  

Design it with Detail

Buying or D.I.Y. (ing) a sweater to involve some sort of cut out design will allow you to wear the sweater as is. The detail of the design is a statement piece in of itself. That means all you need to do now is throw on a pair of leggings and presto, your outfit is put together! It’s really that simple- why didn’t we think of taking scissors to our sweaters years ago? Also, if you want to do a D.I.Y., go check out pinterest or YouTube for some fun ideas!

Printed Perfect

Print is in. You can easily jazz up your comfy sweater look by adding a printed scarf to the equation. This gives the look some color as well as definition. Big or small, a statement piece such as a scarf will really pop. It also allows you to make your outfit look put together even while you’re thinking about your afternoon nap. I know I already am.

Layer up the Leather

I know when most people say leather, you think of those hip zip up leather jackets. Would those work, most definitely. However, because the sweater I am wearing does go to my mid thigh, I personally like to wear a longer leather jacket with this look. Paring your oversized shirt with a leather jacket like the one in the picture almost makes the look work appropriate. I did say almost.

Say Yes to the Vest

For this look, I just paired my sweater with a plain black vest, any vest will do. It gives your outfit a “It’s cold, but not enough for a coat” vibe. It also gives off more of an athletic feel; so girls, if you want to throw on a pair of sneakers with this outfit, feel free. The comfy-athletic look is definitely in this year.

The Power of Plaid

I’m pretty sure at this point, everyone knows plaid equals falls. Adding in little details of plaid will help bring your big comfy sweater to a whole new look. In this case, I wore a poncho that fell to my mid calf line. The warm tones really bring out the colors of fall and also makes me feel like I’m wearing a blanket in the colder months. Did someone say nap time?