Where My Witches At?: A Ghoul’s Guide to Halloween Parties



By Samantha Manahan

Halloween is approaching fast, and costume parties are undoubtedly expected by me and all my college pals. Throwing a party can be difficult, but by using these tricks and treats, you will be able to make your party absolutely wicked.

Which Witch is Which

When being the “ghostest with the mostest,” think about what your ghoulish friends are interested in. Some like elegant while others prefer casual, some like scary movies and others want to dance. Once the theme or direction of the party is specified you can move to the next step in creating your spooktacular night.

Costume Cutie – If You Got It, Haunt It

Costumes are a must at any of my happy haunts! Allowing your best witches to show up in their “Night of the Living Dead” costume will help take an edge off trying to find the perfect set of heels.

Depending on what route you choose for your Halloween bash, maybe having a costume contest would be fang-tastic! If you waited until last minute to find a Halloween costume, or just decided to be lazy about it this year, there are simple Halloween makeup tutorials to help even the laziest of cats look their best.

Trick or Treat, Give Me Something Good to Eat

Although candy is delicious, and I’m not sure I would turn down a Snickers bar, people want more than just sweet treats at a haunted party. Ordering a pizza or having deli dishes out will have your ghoulish guests saying, “yum, yum gimme some.” Preparing some creepy crawly treats like spider cupcakes can also help turn your party from drab to fab.

Brew Crew

If you are of age, alcoholic beverages will help the goblins let loose. Spruce up your bar by creating a fun, spooky drink (but make sure you have plenty of everyone’s favorites on hand). Create a mixture of shots and add your potion into a test tube. Let your guests drink from the tubes, but don’t tell them the drink was poisoned! These fun drinks will help tickle your guests’ bones.

Vamp It Up

Create a playlist on Spotify and let the tunes take control of the night. There is nothing better than letting Bette Midler screech, “I’ve Got a Spell on You” while you attempt to slow-dance with a drunken cowboy. Music will help wake your wicked witches from their terror-iffic slumber!

Tomb It May Concern

Invite your neighbors; no one likes to be left out. Whether they are witches, goblins or mummies, it’s nice to invite those who live around you — especially if you plan for the music to get loud throughout the night. This will help prevent any of the “Boo Crew” showing up at your door.

Follow these tricks and treats, and you will have the best party in this ghost town.