Students should weigh Greek options carefully

By Haley Galvin

Weighing the pros and cons of Greek life is an effective way for students to consider their options and make an educated choice as they move forward through the academic year.

Greek life isn’t all parties and drinking, as is portrayed in films such as the 2014 hit, “Neighbors.” Organizations pride themselves on their brotherhood and sisterhood. Greek students form strong relationships with those in their chapter which often last for the rest of their lives.

“The girls will 100 percent support you no matter what,” Janie Wilson, junior early childhood education major and a member of Greek life said.

Wilson, a Gamma Chi for the Panhellenic Assiociation’s formal recruitment process, has temporarily given up her sorority letters to help other girls find their place in Greek life. Female students going through recruitment will not know which sorority Wilson is a member of until the end of the process when Wilson will reclaim her letters.

Several Greek organizations on campus, such as Alpha Phi Omega, frequently host fundraisers or partake in service projects as well. This allows students to get in touch with their community as well as global service projects in some cases. Service projects provide a meaningful way to give back and fill up future resumes and portfolios.

There are also several challenges with Greek life such as being comfortable with new people which can seem rough when everyone already knows each other.

“I was honestly pretty intimidated by the seniors,” Brandt Day, senior corporate communication major and member of Phi Kappa Psi, said.

During rush week, students try to get to know all the houses, as well as other students involved which can be overwhelming.

“I am most nervous about putting myself out there and stepping out of my comfort zone,” Ivan Sanchez, freshman computer science major, said.

Sanchez will be rushing this fall and has considered the many pros and cons before him, deciding that, for him, the benefits outweigh the challenges.

There are a variety of chapters to choose from at NIU and it is best for students to consider all options and possibilities to determine if Greek life is for them.