How to: Melted-crayon art

By Sophia Phillips

With the holiday season approaching here’s a fun and easy craft for everyone. Follow these steps to make an easy melted-crayon Christmas tree.

1. Gather and cut 17 green crayons to different lengths and arrange them in order of height with the tallest crayons in the middle and shorter crayons on the sides to resemble a pyramid.

2. Use a pencil to mark the center on the top and bottom of the canvas. Hot glue the crayons vertically onto the canvas. Center the crayons and keep the bottom of the crayons flush with the bottom of the canvas.

3. Use painter’s tape to mark a triangle on the canvas. Make the crayon arrangement the bottom of the triangle and make the top of the canvas the apex of the triangle.

4. Prop up the canvas upside-down against the wall. Use a blow-dryer on a low setting to begin melting the crayons until the interior of the triangle is covered. Remove the painter’s tape to reveal the melted crayon Christmas tree.