Pass/Fail: Day after Valentine’s Day best time for cheap candy; NIU Athletics too indecisive

By Kaylyn Zielisnki


Day after Valentine’s Day best time for cheap candy

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday, not only for those in relationships but also everyone else. Valentine’s Day itself is not the best part of the Hallmark holiday, actually the days following it are the best. The day after Valentine’s Day means there is a lot of discounted candy waiting on the shelves at the store. The candy wrappers might be a little more festive than the usual ones, but it will be worth it for the discounted price.


NIU Athletics too indecisive

NIU Athletics has made multiple changes to decisions far too many times in the past couple weeks. First, Athletics tried to increase attendance at football games by offering a student free tuition to attend and stay at each home football game with its Mission 6 initiative. Then, Athletics decided it would not reward students at all for attending all six home games because the goal of 6,000 students in attendance at each game wasn’t met. Finally, NIU Athletics decided to reward all 86 students who attended every home game. NIU Athletics has ruined the possibility for future promotions because its rules and requirements are unclear and its decisions are never final.