Community choirs unite to raise awareness, funds

By Samantha Keck

DeKalb | NIU will debut its second annual community chorus concert, Make Our Garden Grow, to benefit the DeKalb Community Garden’s Walnut Grove Farm.

The concert will begin at 7 p.m. Saturday in The Music Building’s Boutell Memorial Concert Hall and is free to the public. The goal of the event is to benefit the DeKalb County Community Garden’s Walnut Grove Farm, which provides a working environment for adults with special needs. All the food grown at the farm goes to local pantries.

Choral Activities director Eric Johnson said this event is not only a time for talented singers to come together, but to bring attention to situations we may not pay attention in our daily lives.

“We are raising awareness for what the DeKalb County Community Gardens does and also raising awareness for the issues regarding access to healthy foods.” Johnson said.

This year, songs from “The Wizard of Oz,” “Wicked” and “The Wiz” will be performed during the concert.

Trent Snyder, senior music business major, said he hopes the songs touch the audience’s hearts.

“We are singing songs that really inspire hope and are very touching,” Snyder said. “One song is encouraging people about it being our time and another one is like a call out to everybody in the communities to help.”

The performers are not only excited for the concert but also hopes the meaning behind the lyrics inspires the audience as well, Snyder said.

Amelia Harlovic, junior vocal performance major, said she’s looking forward to performing pieces like “Make Them Hear You,” by Rodrick Dixon.

“I really enjoy our pieces this year, they’re very powerful,” Harlovic said.

Information will be available at the concert for students and community members who may be interested in volunteering at the DeKalb County Community Garden’s, Walnut Grove Farm.