Beats from the Street: Oct. 12


Beats from the Street

By Northern Star staff

Midterm season is upon NIU. Here is what students are listening to to cope. 

Senior nursing major LaShaunte Mitchell said her go-to studying music is a Spotify’s playlist called “Intense Studying.” This playlist consists all classical music.

 “I used to try listening to music with words, and that never helped me,” Mitchell said. “I started getting distracted and singing along rather than focusing on my studying.”

Studying for her upcoming pathophysiology midterm, Mitchell said she likes chill music including One Republic, Maroon 5 and Drake.

“I like all different kinds of music, except country and hard rock,” Mitchell said.

No. 1 song: “Symphony No. 5”- Ludwig van Beethoven

“Sometimes I listen to older type music, sometimes I listen to Bollywood songs,” said Shiney Dey, management information systems master’s student. “I have a very diverse taste, I like slow songs but I also love to hear Wiz Khalifa, too.” 

Dey said when important exams come around, she studies in silence, but when she is doing homework or studying for a regular exam, she typically has music playing.

 “Music lets you unwind yourself; every time you’re studying you’re clogging your brain,” Dey said. “I listen to music to unwind myself.”

No. 1 song: “Blue”- One Direction

Irwin Gaucin, junior business management major, said he doesn’t like to have distractions when studying.

“I get too involved in the music,” Guacin said. “I can’t really focus on what the question’s asking me or the procedure needed to answer the question.”

Gaucin’s two favorite bands are Muse and Shiny Toy Guns. Gaucin said alternative music is his favorite.

No. 1 song: “Mercy” -Muse