Alderman to resign effective Friday

Alderman to resign effective Friday

By Northern Star

Seventh ward Alderman Monica O’Leary’s resignation will become effective Friday.

O’ Leary submitted a letter of resignation via email Saturday, which was read by Mayor John Rey at City Council on Monday. O’Leary was absent at Monday’s meeting.

Originally, O’Leary said in an email to Rey she would resign on Oct. 2.

City Attorney Dean Frieders explained the procedure to fill O’Leary’s seat Monday.

“In the event of a current vacancy on the City Council, such vacancy would be filled by appointment of the mayor in accordance with 65 ILCS 5/3.1-10-50(e), pending the conduct of an election in 2017,” Frieders said.

Editor’s note: A more in-depth version of this story will be featured Thursday online and in the Northern Star’s print edition.