SA orders shirts for small student orgs


By Alex Nugent

The Student Association has purchased 2,000 T-shirts to provide student organizations a cheap and convenient means to promote activity and recruit members, said James Forman, SA director of Advertising.

The SA will have the 2,000 T-shirts, 500 of which will be for SA use, printed and available for order Wednesday and available for purchase after Spring Break, Forman said. The T-shirts are blank on the front so they can be customized with an organization’s logo. The back of the shirt consists of the SA logo and motto, “Your Voice, Our Mission,” and logos of 11 supporting sponsors.

“The whole idea behind it is the smaller student orgs that have maybe five or six members, for them to go into a T-shirt company and get shirts made for the organization,” Forman said.

The SA paid $6,500 to order the T-shirts, but the cost is expected to be covered when the SA receives payments from sponsors on Tuesday, Forman said.

To order a shirt, an organization or club must fill out a form and submit its logo and other required information to the SA advertising committee for approval. Once approved, the organization can then go to OLT Marketing, 817 W. Lincoln Highway, fill out a form and the order will be ready within two to three days.

The cost is $3 per shirt, plus a $25 one time set-up fee for screen printing. If the buyer wants to add color to their logo it will cost an extra $1 for each shirt printed.

The idea of selling space for advertising to other student organizations is a new one for the SA and organizers think this will be a successful project because it helps smaller student organizations who do not have as much manpower or funds, Forman said.

“It might cost them $60 or $70 to go and get shirts for five or six people, so what we’re trying to provide is they can go in and get them for about $3 or $4 per person,” Forman said. “They can go in and get their logo on the front so it can be substantially cheaper for them.”

The SA will continue the idea, “assuming that student organizations pick it up and utilize the service,” Forman said. “Maybe we’ll order 2,500 next year.”