Huskie Line’s next focus group is March 24


Brett Williams, Student Association director of Mass Transit, facilitates the SA’s first open forum for student input on the Huskie Bus Line Wednesday in The Campus Life Building, Room 180. Students and members of the SA discussed adding and subtracting buses, extending bus line times and adding bus routes.

By Northern Star staff

The next Huskie Line focus group will be held March 24.

The Student Association is holding a series of focus groups to receive student input on revamps to the Huskie Line. The first focus group on Feb. 11 focused on student concerns about the distance and lack of easy transportation between academic buildings on the east side of campus — like Barsema Hall — and residence halls.

In response, the SA announced the creation of the Barsema Express. The bus will shuttle students between residence halls, the Holmes Student Center and distant academic buildings, among other locations.

The next focus group is 6 p.m. March 24 in the Campus Life Building, Room 180.

The Barsema Express and focus groups are part of a campuswide effort to change the Huskie bus line. The SA will push for students to help create routes for the fall semester and is considering having students work on designs for the buses.