‘Lost Lords’ stays loyal to TV series

By Arthur Aumann

Gamers can anticipate another merciless episode of the “Game of Thrones” video game.

The second chapter of Telltale’s video game adaptation of Game of Thrones, “The Lost Lords,” will be released for PlayStation Feb. 3 and Xbox Feb. 4.

I was skeptical when the game was first announced because of Atlus’ disastrous adaptation of the series in 2012 and wondered if Telltale’s variation would do justice to the world of Westeros. The answer is a resounding “yes.”

One of the biggest improvements was getting actors from the show to do the voiceovers for the game. Interacting with cold-blooded and calculated characters like Cersei Lannister and Ramsay Bolton adds a whole new level to the game because one misstep with them could be the end.

“Episode 1: Iron From Ice” concluded with a shocking climax that would make George R.R. Martin proud and reminded players how ruthless the world of Westeros is.

The selling point of the game is the player makes decisions that dictate where the story goes, giving the player control over three characters in the first episode: Ethan, Gared and Mira. This style of decision-making gameplay allows gamers to form attachments to the characters.

Unfortunately, “Iron From Ice” felt fairly scripted as all the major events lead up to one climax, regardless of what paths players chose.

“Episode 2: The Lost Lords” likely won’t be as linear as the first episode, which functioned more as a prologue for the story that’s to come. Hopefully “The Lost Lords” follows the success of Telltale’s “The Walking Dead” video game series and Quantic Dream’s 2010 thriller “Heavy Rain.”

The brief trailer for “The Lost Lords” teased us with some of the coming events, like fan favorite Jon Snow making an appearance in Gared’s storyline.

We also know Daenerys will be in the game, but there was no indication from the trailer she will be present in the second episode. Perhaps Daenerys will appear in the storyline of Asher, who will likely play a large role in the coming episodes, as he is one of the few remaining Forresters.

It will be interesting to see how loyal the game stays to the series in dealing with significant characters like Ramsay and Cersei, since House Forrester isn’t mentioned in the television series and only barely mentioned in the novels. Will it go completely off the tracks and become its own universe or does House Forrester have a terrible fate awaiting them?

“The Lost Lords” should begin to provide some answers.