Young band This Inspired gears up for EP release


Nick Cipra of punk band This Inspired plays guitar onstage at The House Cafe, 263 E. Lincoln Highway.

By Andrew Roberts

The DeKalb punk scene is getting a fresh face in a sea of indie in the form of This Inspired.

Called “as punk as it gets” by William Rund, freshman mechanical engineering major and This Inspired drummer, the recently formed band played its first show Sunday at The House Cafe, 263 E. Lincoln Highway, and will release its first EP in April.

Rund said he met the two other members, Nick Cipra and Stephen Dodd, through a Craigslist ad for a drummer and they bonded over similar tastes in music. The group formed This Inspired in fall.

“We try to convey as much energy as possible,” Rund said. “I push myself to create beats and patterns, rhythmically, outside of the generic 2/4 beats for punk. Our guitarist Nick strives to push using more unconventional chords other than straight-up chords.”

This Inspired goes for an aggressive sound inspired by bands such as Against Me!. The band plays a few covers for shows, but the members aim to play a full set of original songs.

“We’re writing as many new songs as we can,” said guitarist Cipra, 20, of Waterman. Cipra has been playing guitar seriously since age 12 and knew bassist Dodd before recruiting Rund for the band.

The members of the band said music is an important part of people’s — and especially college students’ — lives.

“If you can play, you can get your emotions or artistic abilities out. If you can’t you can always listen to it,” Cipra said. “Music is for everybody and I think it’s a good thing to be a part of.”

The band is moving forward onto even bigger projects, including a five-song EP the musicians will record over spring break.

One of the songs, “Feel Something,” conveys a theme of growing up — a topic that recurs in the band’s lyrics.

“‘Feel Something’ is about hearing about what people have to say and not being able to say what you want to say,” Cipra said. Lyrics from “Feel Something” include “feelings only go so far, never stop talking,” and “you never stop to listen, trying to make me feel something.”

The song touts an aggressive bass sound with a driving drum beat, as well as Cipra’s powerful vocals in a very punk anthem. Another song, “Someone Else,” launches into a heavy, fast guitar riff and never loses energy. This song, as implied by the title, is about losing a love. One line reads, “You’re with someone else, and I’m by myself.”

Rund said the band seeks to “head toward the city” and play more gigs in big cities like Chicago.

This Inspired’s EP is set to be released on an undecided date in late April.