2015 Law Breakdown

By Northern Star Staff

Close to 200 new and revised laws have taken effect in Illinois in 2015.

Below are several of these laws from the Illinois General Assembly website:

HB 5085

Allows the Department of Agriculture and institutions of higher learning to cultivate hemp for research.

SB 3103

An amendment to the Beer Industry Fair Dealing Act which defines beer as “all beverages brewed or fermented wholly or in part from malt products, specifically meaning hard ciders are susceptible to the beer tax.”

SB 3225

Allows the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Boards to develop a program for law enforcement officers to recognize issues pertaining to veterans and develop responses appropriate for those issues.

SB 3411

Eliminates the requirement for law enforcement officers to issue a certain number of citations or warnings within a period of time.

HB 5868

Requires alternative nicotine products to be sold behind the counter or in an age-restricted display case.

HB 4157

An amendment to the Illinois Human Rights Act that includes unpaid interns as employees concerning sexual harassment protection in the workplace.

HB 0008

An amendment to the Illinois Human Rights Act, this law states employers cannot refuse reasonable accommodations to employees with conditions related to pregnancy, childbirth or related medical.

SB 2597

An amendment to the Residential Real Property Disclosure Act which requires homeowners to disclose damage to windows or doors to potential buyers.

SB 2015

Clarifies the speed limit for interstates and tollways is 70 mph.

SB 2583

Drivers are not required to surrender their driver’s licenses for small offenses, such as speeding tickets.