Student Spotlight: Senior assists others in finding resources


By Keith Hernandez

Eric Glasby decided when he was a junior to change his major from music to communication in order to pursue a career in student affairs.

Glasby, now a senior and a community adviser at Gilbert Hall, said he hopes to help college students find resources on campus they didn’t know were available.

Northern Star: Do you have any plans for after school?

Eric Glasby: … I want to go in the field of student affairs, so I’m looking into graduate school at this point. … The biggest thing is just helping students and helping make college accessible.

NS: Do you have any ideas on how you can help [students] with that?

EG: Sure. … I think the biggest thing I want to help do is help students become aware of these resources. For example, if you’re having academic stress you can go to the Office of Student Academic Success; if you’re living in a residence hall, your community adviser has been trained to help you, but also you have a hall director ready to go that’s ready to help. The resources are abundant.

NS: What is your ideal job?

EG: That’s hard because their are so many different cool things you can do on a college campus. Are you saying at the end of the day like 30 years down the road or are you saying like when I’m done with college?

NS: Both.

EG: I think when I’m done here at NIU, I’m shooting to become a hall director within a residence hall and then you aim to be an associate director, then a director. I think understanding that each role is important and having direct contact with students and hearing their stories and getting to help them is very important to me, but … I think my goals are maybe geared toward aiming to becoming a vice president some day or maybe a president of a university. … Each role is so important that it’s hard for me to say, ‘Oh, I want to do this.’ So, I’m kind of just going from one interest to another and just trying to help people along the way.