Climate action supporters march from LA to NIU


A group of climate action supporters of the Great March for Climate Action carried signs and marched down Lucinda Avenue Tuesday. Their 3,000-mile march takes them from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C.

By Jackie Nevarez

Walking down Lucinda Avenue chanting and waving signs, marchers from across the country advanced through DeKalb to promote climate action Tuesday.

The Great March for Climate Action is a movement that began March 1 in Los Angeles with the goal to walk to Washington, D.C., by Nov. 1. About 40 marchers, 20 of whom have been with the group since its start in Los Angeles, made their way down Lucinda Avenue Tuesday. Of those 40, six have walked every step without riding a bicycle or stopping for days.

With the exception of one family who have the youngest marcher at 3 years old, the participants are all strangers who come from Iowa, New York and Oregon, among other states.

The group set up camp by a parking lot near Northern Public Radio, 801 N. First St., and the DeKalb Nature Trail. Tents were pitched around the grassy area with surrounding solar panels used to charge computers and phones to keep the marchers up to date on their next stop. A dinner of salad, bowtie pasta and buttered bread was ready for the campers. Inside a large trailer, compostable toilets were enclosed.

Sean Glenn, 22, of Simsbury, Conn., started the march in Los Angeles on March 1 and said she plans to make the 3,000-mile trek to Washington, D.C.

“Most of the time we are just camping in a spot for one evening,” Glenn said. “We have an off day an average of [once] a week where we get to spend two days in a place.”

Alumna June Keibler, of Dundee, joined the Great March for Climate Change along with two other grandmothers who carried signs saying “Grannies for a healthy planet.” Keibler and her fellow grannies are a part of an environmental book club and Wild Ones, a group for sustainable landscaping.

“Just since I’ve joined up with this group … I’ve learned so much already,” Keibler said.

Faith Meckley, 19, of Geneva, N.Y., joined the march in Taos, N.M., on May 24. Prior to joining the march, Meckley completed her freshman year at Ithaca College where she majored in journalism.

Meckley has taken a vow of silence for the entirety of the march to represent the “voices of the unheard in the climate crisis,” Glenn said. Meckley communicates with her fellow marchers through sign language and her daily newsletter for the marchers, which she writes to update them on their location and their destination.

The Great March for Climate Action will make its way to Chicago for the Chicago Climate March Saturday, where the marchers will take a 12-mile walk from Oak Park to Daley Plaza. Activities and speakers will be at the event, Glenn said.

Those interested in joining the march in Chicago can view the marchers’ schedule at