Pass/Fail: Only 4 weeks until spring classes end, Selectin res. hall stressul for students

By Danny Cozzi

Pass: Only 4 weeks until spring classes end

It’s finally happening, folks: The days are getting longer and the sun’s warmth is reminiscent of a time when I could feel my fingers after going outside.

This summer should come as a triumph over the most brutal winter in years — at least it felt that way to me.

But I’m going to appreciate it for more than just warm weather. This is my final semester of college, so I won’t be able to enjoy the anticipation of the school year’s last few weeks ever again.

It’s a bittersweet feeling for me because as much as I really don’t want to leave NIU, I’m also incredibly excited to finally leave NIU.

But what matters is we’re all getting closer to being done with school for a beautifully long time. Well, I guess that’s only if you’re not taking summer classes, which I’m proud to say I’ve never done. Who would ever commit such a monstrous act?

So, in the spirit of American school scheduling, let’s all stare at our calendars with unblinking, dried-out eyes for the next four weeks and mark off each day with a big red X.

Fail: Selecting res. hall stressful for students

One thing I won’t miss about NIU is how incredibly difficult it is for students to navigate their way through the residence hall sign-up process.

This weekend I helped my brother, an incoming freshman, sign up for a room in Neptune Hall. Well, at least I helped him as much as I could.

It’s no secret the MyNIU website is not pretty to look at. But it also doesn’t help clueless new students do much of anything without a current student or an adviser to guide them.

Applying and getting ready for college is a big step, especially for teenagers. The soon-to-be NIU students shouldn’t have to add a strenuous, complicated room and board process to their list of college preparations.

NIU should find a way to make the room selection ordeal at least a little less chaotic. The easier it is for students to sign up, the better they’ll feel.

I’m not asking for another overhaul of MyNIU. I’m just saying incoming students would have a much easier time signing up for a room if the site didn’t look so bad. How much work would it be to add a few pictures and a step-by-step process, anyway?