NIU needs to make campus smoke free

By Jeremiah Caterina

Jeremiah Caterina

Sophomore finance major

I have not seen any mention in the Northern Star about the proposal to ban smoking on Illinois public colleges! Why not?

More importantly, why has NIU not stepped up as a leader in this motion and have already taken the action to ban smoking on our campus? Illinois State University and U of I have smoking bans on their campuses; why is NIU dragging its feet?

I reviewed the current NIU smoking policy and found myself laughing at the threat of fines for people smoking within 15 feet of a doorway. I’d like to know how often these fines are issued.

I often see smokers right next to the doorway getting in their last hit before entering a class.

I understand people have the right to damage their bodies however they see fit, but doing it on university property should be banned or regulated to designated areas.

We non-smokers have suffered the headaches and discomfort the smell of smoking brings, as well as other effects of second-hand smoking.

I support the state’s proposal to ban smoking on public campuses and call for NIU to set an example for its students on this policy.