Clancy, Mario, Titans lead 2014 games

By Josh Alfrey

With hundreds of video games being released this year, my three most anticipated include big guns, the apocalypse and Mario.

“Super Smash Bros. (4)” for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

After almost 15 years, the Super Smash Bros. franchise continues to grow. Each of its games put consoles officially on the map.

Even though many people do not know the Wii U is a new console, I expect “Super Smash Bros.” to help make Wii U a more common name. Bringing in new characters and level designs always make the Super Smash Bros. series worthwhile.

I’m definitely curious how competitive this game will be. It may just go the “Super Smash Bros. Brawl” route and be a slow, party game. Either way, I can’t wait to start smashing.


Respawn Entertainment developers will release a first-person shooter that features plenty of mechanical suits (Titans).

In this shooting game, players run around killing each other as a counter ticks down. Once the timer hits zero, players can summon their mech for a new world of shooters.

The game’s innovative mechanics of switching between fast-paced human shooters and heavy artillery Titans looks fun. “Titanfall” has great gameplay, showing off the seamless transitioning between the two game speeds.

I fear the Electronic Arts publishers will screw up this game’s launch as they did with “Battlefield 4” and “SimCity 4.”

“Tom Clancy’s The Division”

“The Division” redefines next-gen gaming. “The Division” is an online, open-world role-playing game. Players enter a post-apocalyptic New York City and attempt to save the last refuge of humanity. Survivors face Artificial Intelligence and human enemies.

I enjoy the teamwork where players can join their friends in the city.One wanders the city and fights off the environment and other players.

At the E3 reveal for “The Division,” the developers, Ubisoft Massive, showed off the iOS companion multiplayer. Gamers can help their teammates by playing as a drone from their own iPad. If that doesn’t scream next-gen, I don’t know what does.