Similar ‘Project’ and ‘New Girl’ have separate strengths

By Aymie Telinski

As “New Girl” struggles to keep up with the growing “The Mindy Project” this season, I’m curious which is the better show.

Both Fox comedies have a similar plot, with the protagonist being a working women in her 30s who has a shaky personal life. Jess, a teacher, and Mindy, a doctor, are magnets for awkward situations, and each has three guy friends.

Round 1: Pilot episode

If I am not laughing in the first episode of the show, I will not waste my time with more episodes.

“New Girl” begins with Jess getting dumped by the boyfriend she lives with. She answers an ad on Craigslist that she thinks belongs to three women. In the pilot, she warns the guys she will be watching “Dirty Dancing” six or seven times a day. Writers of the show also created the douchebag jar in this episode. If someone acts like a douche bag, they have to put money in the jar.

“Mindy Project” also begins with a breakup. Mindy gets drunk at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding, rides her bike into a pool, has a chat with a Barbie doll at the bottom of the pool and decides she needs to get her life in order. I love that Mindy is the head writer on this show because I love her jokes and the topics she writes about.

The winner of this round is “The Mindy Project.” This was a tough one to decide, but the fact that she has a chat with a Barbie in the bottom of the pool was just too perfect for me.

Round 2: Three best friends

Jess’s best friends are Schmidt, Nick and Winston. Nick is the human form of the grumpy cat. He is the most non-functioning adult ever. I loved when he creates fictitious character Julius Pepperwood — a zombie detective from Chicago. Thin crust pizza? No thanks because he’s from Chicago.

Mindy’s best friends are Morgan, Jeremy and Danny. Danny and Mindy have a common love for Bruce Springteen. They have a hilarious chemistry that really adds to the show. Danny constantly comments on how Mindy could lose a few pounds.

The winner for this round is “New Girl” because no one can beat Jess’ roommates. I love all of their friendships and the douchebag jar.

Round 3: Famous Boyfriends

“Mindy Project” features Anders Holm, who plays a pastor. Holm is my favorite boyfriend of Mindy’s. I was really upset when they broke up.

In, “New Girl” Justin Long plays a boyfriend in season one. Jess has had a crush on him for a long time and they finally date. Of course, it doesn’t end well, and they have an awkward Thanksgiving dinner.

The winner for famous boyfriends round “Mindy Project.” “New Girl” definitely had the better start to its series. But as Fox’s ranking show, “Mindy Project” is clearly doing better right now.