Steve-O echoes “Jackass” at comedy show

By Mike Kinnaman

“Jackass’” Steve-O didn’t hesitate to dig into the sex life of students during a Friday stand-up performance.

The 39-year-old performed stand-up and stunts and shared stories of his adolescence. His stories focused on using drugs with Johnny Knoxville, his worst sexual encounter and premature ejaculation. Steve-O also asked audience members to share their thoughts on anal sex, masturbation and sexting.

“The current tour has been going on for the last three whole years,” Steve-O said. “I’d say they’ve been getting better and better, really….”

Some portions of the performance were more serious: Steve-O told stories about his drug-addled former life, talked about being an alcoholic at 12 and being on final disciplinary warning within two weeks of starting at the University of Miami. The show concluded with a bar trick as Steve-O drank a cup of water without using his hands.

“[My favorite part was] d— pics and the bar trick,” said sophomore sociology major Michelle Bazzoni.

The Campus Activities Board felt Steve-O was a good choice because of his versatile crowd appeal.

“He caters to all demographics,” said Martha Ross, Campus Activities Board programmer. “[The hardest part was] crowd control and keeping everyone calm and not having anybody rush on stage.”

Steve-O started performing stand-up after a stunt bet with his friend; he said the move was “totally unintentional.”

“ … I could not think of anything crazier than me trying stand-up,” he said.

Steve-O recently launched a YouTube channel with pranks and skits; the videos are online at

“The digital market [always interested me],” he said. “I’ve always had a video camera on me.”