Superheroes can be teachers, too

By Jen Weddle

My classroom daydreams were never of the usual variety: I’d often imagine my professor wearing a cape and a utility belt.

Instead of actually taking notes and paying attention, I’d create elaborate cartoon sketches.

I think all of these things eventually led me to the question, “What if superheroes taught a college course?” I mean, the obvious answer is school would be a lot more entertaining. Can you imagine courses like How to Save the World 101 or Advanced Theory in Controlling Superpowers? These classes sound like something out of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.. I’ve created a list of alternate identities for superheroes if they were everyday college professors.

Stark Means Innovation

Can you imagine Iron Man leading your engineering class? Tony Stark is an ingenious engineer. He’s well known in the Marvel Universe for creating sophisticated military weapons. He might not be that great at money management, but he would provide the class with a witty, fun atmosphere for inventing new and profound technology. Who knows, maybe he could teach students how to make an ultra-cool high tech suit of armor to fight off bad guys. It’s all in a day’s work for Iron Man.

The Thing Rocks

The Thing has skin made out of orange rocky plates and resembles the side of a mountain. Who better to explain geography than someone who looks like they’ve escaped from the Earth’s crust?

He may not have wanted to fly Reed Richards’ rocket ship and become a horrible disfigured mountain man, but hey, now he gets super strength and a chance to fulfill students’ rocky ambitions.

History with Captain America

Cap has faced Nazis, Japanese soldiers and other threats to wartime America and the Allies, so who better to teach you about the world’s past? Come on, let’s get real: Steve Rogers is the perfect name for a college history professor. He’s experienced it all and I guarantee he has enough wartime stories to make even the dullest history course fascinating.

Parker Has a Creative Angle

Peter Parker is many things: adventurer, hero, Spider-Man and freelance photographer. Can you imagine the photos he can capture with those spidey senses and climbing abilities? Maybe he can teach some of the art students how to climb walls to get the perfect angle. If he can’t do that, then at least he can lead an imaginative classroom with his sarcastic remarks.

Foreign Language with Nightcrawler

Kurt Darkholme—Nightcrawler—knows a thing or two about foreign language. He grew up in Germany with Mystique, his mother. Nightcrawler did not play with others his age so he never knew his appearance differed. He can speak German fluently and has a slight accent when he speaks English. He would be a phenomenal German teacher as long as he didn’t teleport to the wrong classroom.

Professor X-cellence in English

Charles Francis Xavier devoted his life to helping mutants fit in with society. He believes the X-Men can be great assets to the humans, and he really has the look of an English professor. He’s soft-spoken but strict with his X-Men; he could intellectually debate with even the brightest and most well-read students. If the class didn’t know the answer right away or if they didn’t read the book, he could always telepathically send them the answers.