Students look forward to the All-Star League of legend’s Championship

By Josh Alfrey

League of Legend’s Championship Series spring season will come to a close soon, and Riot Games is bringing fans an appetizer before heading into the summer season.

“This is an extremely competitive game with huge fan bases like TISM [Team SoloMid],” said Alex Schwimmer, junior business marketing major. “It was hard to tell who was going to win in each position going in.”

Riot Games will put on a League Championship Series (LCS) All-Star tournament. The top players in each region will face off in China. Some of the best players from North America (NA), Europe (EU) and Asia have been voted by fans to represent their region at the All-Star match.

There are five positions to play in “League of Legends”–attack damage carry (ADC), middle lane, top lane, jungler and support–so fans have been voting for who they believe are the top players in each position.

The votes are in for EU and NA, regions and the fans have spoken on who they want to see representing them. Rosters are subject to change, but the current standings have been determined.

“I am excited to see how Saintvicious will do playing against players from Asia and Europe,” Schwimmer said. “It has been awhile since we’ve gotten to see some international games.”

These 10 players will face off against each other and 10 more players from the Asia professional League scene. This isn’t just a large Pro Bowl event to please fans, though; there is a huge prize on the line for the All-Star champions. The winning region of the LCS All-Star tournament will win a third spot in the world championship tournament; just for clarification, this is a big deal.

“I was very surprised to hear about the possibility of having three North American teams being at Worlds [championship],” Schwimmer said, “It gives a better chance for my favorite team (CLG) to make it there.”

Each region normally gets two spots for teams at the world championships, and a third spot is huge for teams that are not in the top two. With this kind of prize on the line, professional gamers have been trying to convince fans to vote for the best players and not the most popular ones.

We will learn if the professionals were successful in their campaign as the All-star break is approaching quickly.