Tails to adopt 200 new dogs

By Amelia Cruz

Tails Humane Society and Petco are working together to help overcrowded shelters from Oklahoma and Arkansas bring 200 dogs and puppies to DeKalb’s Tails.

“We have partnered with three animal shelter groups from Oklahoma and Arkansas by taking the overpopulated dogs and puppies and sheltering them here,” said Tails Executive Director Beth Drake.

Tails helps more than 2,000 pets each year. Tails’ mission is to address the root causes of pet overpopulation, abuse and neglect and promote a culture of respect and caring for pets and wild animals through essential programs, services, education and advocacy.

The DeKalb community can foster some of the dogs and provide them with care until adoption events in May. The foster care will be for about three weeks.

“There is no room for the dogs at the shelter so we are looking for foster homes for them until the event so the dogs and puppies could be adopted,” Drake said.

Tails routinely looks for 50 to 60 foster homes once a month. The animals are always in need of foster homes.

“The animal rescues in Oklahoma are overcrowded,” said Carol McGowan, Naperville Petco general manager. “TAILS from the Midwest goes down to the states to help put dogs in DeKalb where there is more room for the animals.”

Drake said there will be a series of five transports, and two of the five are already transported.

“Some of the dogs are golden retrievers, pit mixes, lab mixes, chocolate and yellow and many more,” she said.

During the May events, animals lovers will be able to adopt the dogs that were rescued from Oklahoma and Arkansas.

“This is a great thing to be a part of,” McGowan said.

If a resident is interested in adopting, they are able to go to Tails, 2250 Barber Greene Road or visit three participating Petco locations. Drynn Wiegmann, Orland Park Petco general manager, said the Orland Park store will help, as well.

An event will be held from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. May 18 and May 19 at the Orland Park location.

“At the event there will be games, different stores such as Best Buy and Carter’s,” Wiegmann said. “There will also be local businesses. I am hoping to have fun adopting dogs and there will be a sidewalk sale.”

Last year, the goal was to help 150 animals find permanent homes.

“The support from DeKalb community was overwhelming. We were able to transport over 300,” McGowan said. “The people in DeKalb are amazing; so many people helped. The goal this year is approximately 200.”

All of the dogs will be friendly, temperament-tested, neutered and up to date on shots.

“The foster volunteers will need to make sure the animals are healthy, get exercise and become part of the family in order to be highly adoptable,” Drake said.

Tails provides the crate and food.

“Tails also looks for volunteers year round,” Drake said. “The volunteers will socialize with the animals, walk dogs and much more.”