Day three of Tugs wraps, Phi Kappa Theta prevails

By Rachel Scaman

Phi Kappa Theta continued its winning streak in Wednesday’s Tugs competition.

Delta Chi and Phi Kappa Sigma also pulled a win for the day over Phi Kappa Psi. Phi Kappa Theta ended the night with a three-round win after Sigma Nu’s coach stepped on the rope in the third round, ending the match.

Daizon Richardson, Phi Kappa Theta member and junior physical education major, said he and his teammates knew their victory was inevitable.

“None of these teams are hard to beat because we always have the mindset that we will win,” Richardson said.

Each fraternity feels it has different strengths that help it during the competition, whether it’s strength, teamwork or the will to work hard, Richardson said.

“It’s a team effort,” said Kody Anderson, Sigma Nu member and senior athletic training major.

“We have to put all of our strengths together if we want to win.”

Adam Juodis, Tau Kappa Epsilon member and sophomore electrical engineering major, said each team faces its own obstacles during the games, be it weather, pain or exhaustion. Joudis said the condition of the trenches play a big part in the difficulty of the game.

“It’s tough when the rope is soaking wet, too,” Juodis said.

Despite the obstacles, Richardson said his team’s mindset before going into the game was to tug like it’s the last time they were ever going to tug.

“Your whole body goes dead and your forearm is numb, but we weren’t going to stop until we were satisfied,” Richardson said.

Anderson said his team’s mindset was to take the rope quick.

“We knew they were big, but we weren’t expecting them to have the strategy that they did,” Anderson said.

Even on days when it’s cold and rainy, the fans are there to support the teams, said sophomore OM&IS major Deanna Awadallah.

“It’s really exciting to watch a competition between all the Greeks, and it’s fun when everyone in the stands get loud,” Awadallah said.

Phi Kappa Theta is the only team so far to win two games. Richardson said his team will produce more wins in these next upcoming days.

“We are on a roll, and we won’t stop until we are satisfied,” Richardson said.

Tuesday’s games included a win by Phi Sigma Kappa against Sigma Alpha Mu, and a win by Sigma Alpha Epsilon against Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Phi Sigma Kappa won the first two rounds of the game, giving them their first win of the competition. Neither Sigma Alpha Epsilon nor Tau Kappa Epsilon got ahold of the rope before time was up in the first two rounds on Tuesday.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon ended the game with a win in the third and final round on Tuesday. The winning teams will move on to play on Saturday for first place.

The next game will feature Delta Chi and Phi Kappa Sigma against Omega Delta at 3:30 today in front of Huskie Stadium. That match will be followed by Sigma Alpha Epsilon against Phi Sigma Kappa.