Women’s Resource Center to throw Rock Against Rape benefit

By Kelly Marshall

This month April is sexual assault awareness month and the Women’s Resource Center will be having their fourth annual Rock Against Rape event. The Victim Advocacy Services and the Women’s Resource Center will be collaborating with other NIU offices, volunteers as well as some NIU bands and community bands to help raise awareness of sexual assault.

Rock Against Rape will be a free event and held Thursday, April 4th in the Diversions Lounge of the Holmes Students Center. Victim Advocacy Services is doing this event to enhance the awareness of sexual assualt, and to emphasize the importance of advocating and supporting those who may have been impacted by sexual violence.

“Each year the support of participants grows. In the past, many students, faculty, staff and community members have come togethers to take a stand to support this great awareness event. This will be the fourth time Rock Against Rape has been done at NIU”, says Victim Advocacy Services Coordinator, Shana Stringfellow.

Victim Advocacy Services here at NIU is available to all students who have been directly or indirectly impacted by sexual assualt, dating viiolence, domestic violences, and stalking to provide free and confidential services.

Some of the services this program has is to help empower victim/survivors in their own recovery process, provide on-going support and advocacy for continued recovery and progress on personal and academic goals, and assist with campus and community referral for services.

Some of the bands will consist of NIU students and others from the DeKalb community. There will be three bands playing at the Rock Against Rape event, Wandering Lights, The Ellevens, and Matt Muse and the band.

“Rock Against Rape is a nationally recognized event that is held annually in communities and on college campuses which aims to instill awareness of sexual assualt. Rock Against Rape features musician from the campus and community who play socially conscious music in support of victim/survivors who have been impacted by sexual assualt”, says Shana Stringfellow.

For more information on Rock Against Rape or the Victim Advocacy Services contact the Women’s Resource Center at 1(815) 753-0320