Grad Sport Society holds marathon run

By Logan Love

Runners were greeted by the football team at the 5K Rise and Run finish line on Sunday.

The Grad Sport Society (GSS) organized the event as part of its capstone course. Members of the football team were on hand to support finishing runners, sign autographs and pose for pictures.

The course snaked its way across the west side of campus, passing the residence halls and going around the Convocation Center to finish on Brigham Field at Huskie Stadium.

Steve Howell, assistant professor of sport management, said it was the fourth annual race by GSS.

“We had a really good turnout,” Howell said. “We have a good relationship with athletics, and they were very accommodating and facilitating. Letting us obviously use their facilities, [but also] bringing out the trophies, bringing out the football team and other athletes. So it was really good working with them directly. They were pretty instrumental in helping with this event and making this event a success, and we hope to make it into and annual occurrence.”

Howell said the capstone class projects apply everything the students learned throughout their three or four semesters in the program.

The students take the projects from the initial concept into an applied practice.

The first-place winner of the race was alumnus Chris Mileto, who completed the circuit in 17.33.

“It was a great race,” Mileto said. “I went to Northern; just graduated in 2012. I came back because a couple of my friends are in the program, so I kind of ran it just to support them.”

Mileto said he had to battle for the front for much of the race.

“I was hoping to win, but it wasn’t until toward the end I figured I was going to,” Mileto said. “I had a pretty good lead, but it wasn’t a guaranteed thing until probably the last straightaway. I looked back and had a solid lead so it was pretty exciting. It’s the first overall win that I’ve ever had. It was good race.”

Mileto qualified for the Boston Marathon but didn’t compete. He plans to next year.

Freshmen pre-nursing major Kara Even was competing in her first race after training for a month. She said she was very proud of her accomplishments in this race.

“A couple of months ago I started getting fit,” Even said. “Then I heard about the 5K and thought it was a really good way to challenge myself.”

Although Even only has one race under her belt, she is already looking forward to the next one.

“I ran the whole way and I got a really good time for me; I’m just so excited,” Even said. “It’s such a rush to just push yourself, it feels really good.”

Angela Caringella, GSS member and sport management graduate student, helped at the race by pulling off the runner’s tags as they went through the finish line.

“The race went really well,” Caringella said. “We had some little tweaks from last year, when we had it on a Friday night and the course was different. This year we wanted to see if participants want to come out on a weekend morning. We had the finish line in the stadium, [which is] kind of a cool thing. [We] get athletics involved too and have the MAC trophies out here so people can pose with football players and get excited about the school, the program and athletics.”

Caringella said the mission of GSS is to offer students opportunities outside of the classroom. She said GSS provides opportunities like symposiums for its students.

“They can go to networking events, and the GSS helps with funding for students to go on these trips,” Caringella said. “So events like the 5K and our golf outing are good ways to get the community involved and learn about the GSS, and also raise funds for our program as well.”

Ryan Brown, junior business major and offensive tackle, enjoyed the atmosphere at the finish line.

“Its just a great way to help the community out and to help with the race and sign some autographs after,” Brown said.

Brown said that the football team is already looking forward to next season as it wants to collect its third straight MAC Championship.

“We’re kind of trying to put that [loss in the Orange Bowl] in the past, you know? That was last season,” Brown said. “But with the Orange Bowl flag going up this year it’s still something we’re really proud of.”

Howell said half of the students worked on the 5K race and the other half on the inaugural GSS Golf Classic on Saturday.