Chromeo’s music balances energy and electro funk

By Kevin Bartelt

For some, underappreciated bands are open-ended and easy to spot. For me, underappreciated bands are very specific moments in time.

Generally, these instances occur when a friend unintentionally plays a song that begs the question, “Why have I never heard this before?” Bands heard by some but should be heard by all are illuminated in this week’s “Dim Spotlight.”

Chromeo is an electrofunk duo that formed in 2004 with its first album “She’s in Control.” At the time, the group’s distinct sound was incomparable to other artists. Almost a decade later, Chromeo is still unique to the world of music.

The group’s sound is a tribute to the 80’s synth and electronic drums.

According to, singer David Macklovitch said, “Rick James had songs called ‘Give it to Me Baby’ and I could never pull that off….”

Macklovitch accurately sums up the sound of Chromeo as an updated James. “Fancy Footwork” and “Tenderoni” exemplify the modified throwbacks.

To date, Chromeo only releases an album every three years. I am not sure if this strategy was intentional, but it definitely worked. The long period gives the band time to create funky, synth-heavy songs that anyone can dance to at a party. So many pop artists regularly pull new albums out of their sleeves in a short time—it is ridiculous. There is a very high chance that if one quickly makes multiple albums, the albums are bound to suck. Chromeo’s three great albums, spread out over 10 years, are a vital reason to give them a chance.

Virtually anyone can enjoy Chromeo. The duo has the perfect balance of energy and relaxation. Your grandma will not say her ears hurt, and your little brother will not say it is boring. Chromeo’s funky, sexy tracks “Outta Sight” and “100%” are regularly on repeat on my Spotify.

If you have never heard of Chromeo, I highly recommend listening to this wonderful duo. If you already love Chromeo, we should probably be best friends.