Website offers game exchange service

By Josh Alfrey

You know that pile of old games you use as cup holders and night stands? They might actually be useful thanks to a video game trading website. is a site where you can trade your old titles for digital currency that you can use to buy other games. You get rid of those old forms of entertainment and get to set your own price. Once you’re able to sell the game you can use the coins you earned to buy from 99Gamers’ wide variety of titles.

This website will accept any game as long as it still works, and you can find titles for various systems, from the Sega Genesis and the Atari 2600 to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. No game or game console is discriminated against on this website. Trade in that old “Assassin’s Creed” and pick up the “Mega Man” you used to play non-stop when you were 10.

One of the greatest parts about all of this is that the website is completely free to use (outside of shipping costs).

According to, to make sure you aren’t being ripped off for old games, the site has buyers and sellers build a trading reputation. This reputation is monitored closely by administrators to get rid of bad traders and to ensure a healthy trading environment.

This website thrives off of gamers buying and selling to create its endless cycle, so be active on both sides of the trading block.

The idea for 99Gamers came from a post on where a user submitted a picture where they were using a dart gun to decide which of their many games they should play. It appeared many gamers experienced the same problem: They have an excess of video games and have played them all to death.

After hearing about this, 99Gamers creators Brandon and Jon Kruzeniski set out to make an endless collection of games for people to buy, sell and trade from. The entirety of the online gaming community is expanding each day due to inventive ideas like theirs.