Huskie Hunks to perform


(From Left) Trent Snyder, Will Kirby, Billy Kokinis, Danny Cozzi, Jeremey Orbach, Clayton Mutert, Adam McNeil and Patrick Price perform a capella in Stevenson dining hall, October 25, 2011.

By Beth Schumacher

If you can’t get enough a cappella, you’re in luck. NIU’s very own a cappella group, Huskie Hunks, will be performing 6:30 p.m. on Thursday at the NIU school of music, Room 173.

A cappella is when a person or group sings without instrumental accompaniment.

The nine-person group was started in September 2012 by students William Kirby and Trent Snyder. Huskie Hunks has performed at a few local venues, including the House Cafe, the residence halls and sorority houses, but this is its first concert on its own.

“We usually perform with other groups but this time, it‘s all about the Hunks,” Snyder said. “Also, this is our first concert since being recognized by the SA, which was a giant deal.”

The group will be covering a variety of genres on their set list, including, but not limited to, pop and barbershop.

“It‘s going to be silly and cool as we take on the challenge that is a cappella music,” Snyder said. “We aim to entertain.”

Admission to the concert is free. Fan T-shirts are also being sold.