TwitchTV offers a social community for gamers

By Josh Alfrey

Gamers can watch, learn and connect with others through the video game broadcasting website TwitchTV.

TwitchTV streams people playing more than 300 different video games from around the world. There is no limit to what games players can watch, with lively and often comedic commentary. Sometimes, the commentary includes useful tips and tricks to the game.

From “Super Mario 64” to “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2,” there is a channel to watch for every type of gamer. The large array of games gives viewers the opportunity to learn about and review a video game without having to purchase it themselves.

While watching these games, viewers can talk to one another through the website’s chat function, which is individualized for each channel. Viewers are able to talk about the game they are watching and interact with the player streaming. The chat can be used to discuss strategy while watching an in-depth playthrough or to trash talk the opposing team during video game tournaments.

Also through the use of TwitchTV, avid gamers have been given the chance to create a profit by sitting in their homes and streaming their favorite games. If a streamer is capable of gathering a large and consistent audience of more than 400 viewers, they are eligible to be partnered with TwitchTV.

Being partnered allows streamers to make money off of commercials and subscriptions to their channel. Best of all, anyone with a good computer and a passion for computer gaming has the ability to stream. Gamers throughout the world have made streaming on TwitchTV their career. Having this income allows gamers to become masters of their game.

By allowing this free-streaming access, TwitchTV has become a launching point for countless competitive gaming leagues, including Major League Gaming (MLG) and the North American Star League (NASL). Video game tournaments can reach more than 100,000 viewers through TwitchTV.

TwitchTV has created a community of social gamers, talking and learning from one another to become better players. According to, the site reaches more than 16 million viewers each month to watch and share their passion of gaming.