Music building offers adult piano lessons


Piano instructor Susan Hurm watches as (left to right) Ted McCarron, Ali Rastegarpour, and Kasey Twine perform a piano piece at a piano recital in the Music Building on Monday night.

By Kia Clair

Adult piano lessons are now available in two different skill levels for students and community members interested in advancing their musical skills.

Two piano levels are taught in a group where students can get one-on-one instructions from a teacher. The first lesson ran from 6:15 to 7:15 p.m. on Monday in the Music Building.

The staff will provide those in attendance with a keyboard. There are two separate courses that cost $105; students can take either based on skill set. The first course is level one, which is recommended for students learning the fundamentals of the instrument and music reading. Level two is geared toward advanced students who already took Level one and have a strong foundation with the instrument.

The level one course was taught by Susan Hurm, who has a master’s degree in music and piano.

Hurm suggests for those interested to purchase “Adult Piano Adventures All in One,” which can be purchased through Amazon.

“I recommend students to at least get halfway through the book mentioned prior before going to level two,” said Hurm.

The book provides material that will be used in class to read and study music.

“I played piano at younger age and still remember some stuff like the music alphabet, finger numbers, and piano keys,” said Kasey Twine, who also attended the lesson.

Twine said she has a great interest in the class and uses things she already knew prior from childhood to guide her through warm-ups.

“I played piano as a child and wanted to know how to again,” said Ali Rastegarpour, who attended the level one class.

This course will help students understand the keyboard, the rhythm of music and the technical aspects of music. The class will go through a variety of types of music, including folk songs, and will cover famous tunes like “Amazing Grace.”

“I started to take classes at Kishwaukee Community College, but procrastination got in the way,” said Ted McCarron, who attended the lesson. “I later began to take classes at NIU to learn how to play piano. I still consider myself a beginner.”

During the class, Hurm helped each student individually. Hurm guided the class through refreshers by asking participants questions about their skill sets and memory.

“I have never seen adults so inspired to learn how to play the piano,” said Hurm. “They come in so worried, but then see how fun learning is.”

Hurm said all are welcome, even if would-be participants haven’t played piano at all.

Classes will be held from Jan. 28 through April 22. For more information on registration, call 815-753-1430.