NIU students recall Oange Bowl trip


About 1,300 Huskie fans filled into fan buses and headed down to the Orange Bowl to see the Huskies make history on New Year’s Day, according to NIU Today.

Soon after it was announced that the Huskies would compete in the Orange Bowl, a travel package was made available so students could see the game. The $150 package included a coach bus ticket, food, and several nights stay in a hotel room. The travel package deal sold out online within minutes.

Caitlin O’Brien, freshman elementary education major, had the opportunity to travel to Miami through the travel package.

“I personally feel like I definitely got my money’s worth,” said O’Brien. “It was a great deal because a hotel itself would be more than that.”

O’Brien was one of many students who traveled to Miami to see the Huskies compete against FSU.

“It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. The only downside is that we couldn’t stay longer,” said O’Brien.

The news that NIU would appear in the Orange Bowl surprised people across the U.S. and sparked some controversy.

Senior chemistry major Sharon Peter said the package was very reasonable.

“The best thing about the Orange Bowl trip was that we all stood together as a Huskie pack,” said Peter.

Though defeated, the Huskies managed to make history by being the first Illinois university team to compete in the Orange Bowl.

“My favorite part about the about the Orange Bowl is watching our football team play FSU,” said Ean Bush, a freshman mechanical engineering major who attended the game. “They performed above the expectations that were set upon them.”