Prism hosts event for LGBT community

By Kelly Marshall

NIU’s LGBT student-run organization, Prism, hosted Welcome Back Ice Breakers and Activities on Wednesday in the Holmes Student Center.

NIU’s Prism organization was founded in 1970 and educates students about their LGBTQ peers. Its goal is to provide a safe and supportive atmosphere for NIU students.

“You don’t have to be a part of the LGBT community to be a part of Prism,” said fundraiser coordinator Danielle Campton. “An ally of this community is someone who is straight but in Prism to support others.”

Campton coordinated Wednesday night’s event, which had about 35 members in attendance.

The organization has 250 members, which includes several community members from around the area.

“This is my first meeting with this organization,” said sophomore biochemistry major Cynthia Justinien. “And as a transfer student, I am eager to make new friends here on campus.”

The Prism community hosts weekly gatherings at 9 p.m. on Wednesdays. The gathering location varies from week to week. The organization encourages interested members of the community who want to attend to find Prism on Facebook or check online at

Those interested can also sign up to receive text message alerts via Prism’s website. The alerts notify subscribers of upcoming club events and fundraisers,

The group will be hosting fundraising bake sales on Wednesday and Feb. 15. The club hosts various events throughout the year to help fund their organization, and support their cause as well.

“I’ve been a part of Prism for two and a half years,” said senior sociology major Dia Walsh. “I joined because it was open and people don’t make assumptions or judge.”



The group’s Pride Letter is a publication that gives students and community members a chance to voice their opinions on LGBT-related issues.

There is a high volume of submissions each time, so there is limited room within the publication.

The organization encourages community members to be creative and share their thoughts through writing. It archives all Pride Letter publications from previous years that are available on the website.

Pride Letter submissions for the Spring semester are due by March 22. Submissions include comics, short stories, poems and all other forms of writing. They must address a theme related to LGBT equality, issues or life.

To submit a Pride Letter, send your work to [email protected].