Happy Endings explores gender roles

By Kevin Bartelt

Happy Endings explored gender roles and helmets this week.

Jane is bothered her coworkers won’t accept her because she’s not “one of the guys.” When Jane and Brad throw a party with her co-workers, she learns she can gain their approval by acting like a man.

The episode addresses gender stereotypes in the workplace. Jane watches football with the guys, eats huge sandwiches and talks about porn. Brad, however, eats salads, shops and cycles with the wives.

Although the concept of switched gender roles is clear, it’s not too funny. The 15-second montage of Jane doing “guy stuff” and Brad doing “girl stuff” is hilarious, but it gets annoying pretty quickly.

The best part of the episode features Penny. She has to wear a helmet for a month because she has had too many concussions. She meets a guy at a bike shop while buying a helmet and they go on a few dates. However, Penny is too embarrassed to tell him about the concussions, so all of their dates involve helmets. Penny is arguably one of the funniest people on the show, and this episode is evidence.

It’s not the best episode, but I still laughed, so I’d recommend you check it out.