‘Mansome’ documentary offers look into masculinity

By Kevin Bartelt

I watched a really cool documentary that just came out this year on Netflix.

It’s called Mansome and features Will Arnett and Jason Bateman. This hour-and-a-half documentary explains the different types of facial hair. If you’re 12 years old, a woman, or me, growing facial hair has never been your strong suit. Regardless, it’s still very interesting.

My favorite part of the documentary is that it keeps coming back to Arnett and Bateman’s day at the spa. There will be a very disturbing clip of a pro-wrestler getting his back shaved and then it will cut into Will and Jason in a hot tub talking about being a man. The two jokesters never crack a smile while delivering hilarious material.

Another one of my favorite comedians also makes a few appearances: Zach Galifianakis. Zach will be explaining something and yell out “WHAT’S THAT? NOT NOW!…That’s Marcus…he’s a bird.”

In addition to facial hair, the documentary also covers topics like body hair, grooming, wigs and metrosexuals.

Check out Mansome if you’re interested in masculinity in modern society.