Ellington’s provides themed meals, happy atmosphere


By Kevin Bartelt

What would you buy with $9?

That’s a pretty specific question, so I’ll tell you the answer: a wonderful three-course meal.

Taste of Asia was a themed meal which took place on Thursday at Ellington’s in the Holmes Student Center. The delicious food was cooked and served by students of FCNS 320, or Quantity Food Production.

Each week has a different theme, including Greek, Bolivian and Portuguese.

These students cooked so much delicious food that it’s hard to choose favorites, but here’s what I’d recommend.

Salads with 47 calories are not seen on a regular basis. The Carrot and Cucumber Salad was simple and light. You don’t realize how much food is in the average American salad until you have an Asian salad. Although it only consisted of carrots and cucumbers, the hint of red pepper added a lot of flavor.

The Tofu Stir Fry with Noodles was great, too. The red bell peppers, crunch water chestnuts and pea pods were a fantastic combination with the stir fry. It seemed like a lot of food at first, but I easily finished the whole thing. This entrée was only 355 calories.

Thai Coconut Pudding with Cayenne-Spiced Mango was a great dessert choice. This creamy, irregular texture of tapioca is enhanced by the flavors of coconut, lemon grass and lime.

The staff was very friendly and conscientious. They always went out of their way to make sure I was enjoying my meal. Ellington’s is a happy medium between a formal and casual restaurant.

Taste of Asia will take place again on Dec. 6, and dates for other themed dinners can be found at www.niu.edu/ellingtons.