Proper planning makes for the perfect Black Friday

Olivia Rajska

I love the feeling I get at this time of the year: thankfulness for family, friends and life. Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate all the joys of life with the ones who matter the most to you.

After finishing the last bite of pumpkin pie, it’s officially holiday season and Black Friday is upon us. Whether you plan on staying up late or setting your alarm to make the most of the holiday deals, there are certain things to keep in mind when savvy shopping.

Before you start making your game plan of which stores to head out to, make sure you spend some quality time with your loved ones. Family comes first and even though some Black Friday deals start at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, shopping is not worth losing time with the important people in your life. After all, most Black Friday shopping consists of shopping for your family and friends, so spend that time to figure out their perfect gifts for the holidays.

On Thanksgiving morning, advertisements for all the Black Friday deals are delivered to doorsteps. So while your turkey is cooking in the oven, be sure to browse through all the ads and make a holiday shopping list. With the extra time, be sure to figure out what you actually need to buy for the holidays and match the prices with other stores. Even though you will be saving some cash, be sure to still use your coupons to get an extra good deal.

Having a shopping buddy makes Black Friday more enjoyable and less stressful. Some people take this shopping season too seriously and are too hard on themselves when they cannot find the right gift. A shopping buddy, whether he or she is your friend, sibling or parent, gives you more ideas and options for gifts to buy. Having a coffee or hot chocolate will keep you awake during the wee hours of the morning, and having a friend keeps you sane while you tackle your holiday list. Be sure to take advantage of all the free things stores have to offer, like snow globes each year at JCPenney and Godiva chocolate at Michaels.

According to, Black Friday hours start on Thanksgiving Day at 9 p.m. at Target, 10 p.m. at Walmart, midnight at Kohls, Macy’s and Best Buy, and 4 a.m. at JCPenney.

Julie Vlahon from said, “From our 13 years of Black Friday experience, tech gadgets and other ‘hard goods’ will be at their lowest prices on Black Friday. Cyber Monday is the day to get the best deals on ‘soft goods’ like clothing, makeup, home décor and more.”

Have fun this holiday season. Black Friday deals only come once a year, so experience the start of the holiday season with family and friends. Don’t get too caught up with greedy customers and enjoy finding the hidden treasures. Happy shopping.