Coheed and Cambria create comic book crossover

By Kevin Bartelt

When did you first hear Coheed and Cambria? Were you reading a comic book?

All of the band’s albums are concept albums based off lead singer Claudio Sanchez’s sci-fi comic book, The Amory Wars. The band’s new album, The Afterman: Ascension, was released Tuesday and is part one of a double album. The Afterman: Descension is expected to be released in February.

This album definitely rocks. However, I wouldn’t recommend listening to it while engaging in activities like meditating, sleeping, studying or anything relaxing.

The band’s creativity shines through its ability to intertwine the plot of the comic with the music on the album. One of the best songs, Goodnight, Fair Lady, ends with a creepy lullaby and a robotic voice that says “Caution. Second entity identified.” It comes out of nowhere and does not sound like it should be in the song at all. You think the song is over, and this added part is just lurking there.

The first track, The Hollow, starts with a man asking, “You’ll stay with me, won’t you?” and a robotic voice replies, “I’ll be there every step of the way.” This definitely hooks the listener, because it is not your average “intro track.” Again, the creativity is impressive.

For those who don’t like hard rock and enjoy guitar playing similar to U2’s The Edge, check out the track The Afterman. It’s pretty chill, and you won’t find yourself contemplating getting a tattoo.

Don’t forget, this is a concept album based on a sci-fi comic book, so don’t be surprised when you see four different tracks called Key Entity Extraction (I – IV).

The Afterman: Ascension is definitely not your average hard rock album. The creativity and originality make it stand out.

4/5 stars