League of Women Voters to host interactive candidate’s night tonight

By Maria Ahmad

Citizens will be able to submit questions to candidates during a League of Women Voters event today.

The DeKalb community is invited to attend a candidate’s night at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at the DeKalb Municipal Building, 200 S. Fourth St. The event will be broadcast live on Channel 14 in the DeKalb area. Oak Crest Retirement Center, 2944 Greenwood Acres Drive, will also host a viewing party.

Community members who wish to ask questions should arrive early or submit their questions through emails addressed to [email protected].

“Not all candidate nights hosted by other groups allow the audience to submit questions for candidates,” said Kay Shelton, co-president of the League of Women Voters of DeKalb (LWVD). “The citizens in this area are generally very knowledgeable about the issues and so far, they wrote really good questions at previous events.”

Wednesday will be the fifth candidate’s night hosted by the LWVD since 2010. For many years, there was no local league in DeKalb, Shelton said. LWVD hopes to get more members in order to host more events and candidates nights in different locations.

“The League of Women of Voters is both an education and advocacy organization,” said Jan Dorner, LWVD of Illinois President. “All of our voter service activities, forums and debates, voter registration, are education activities.”

According to the LWVD’s website, the organization was founded in 1920, six months before the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote. The organization was and still is a nonpartisan organization.

“It will be my first time voting and I think having groups that are not political parties is important to see other perspectives and validating points,” said Rabiah Anwar, freshman undecided major.